If you purchase a piano from Meridian Music or you already own an acoustic piano, we can install a player system on it for you. Meridian Music installs several different systems made by Piano Disk and QRS. These are the same systems that we install on the Steinway family of pianos, and are available for installation on almost any piano made.

When installing a player system on a piano you have many different choices. We start every installation with the best player system Piano Disc and QRS make. Then we can tailor the control devices and features to your wishes. We can add wireless control, recording, a silent mode for headphone practice, internet accessibility, symphony sounds, DVD movies and many other features. The great thing about Piano Disc and QRS systems is you only get and pay for the music and features that you want.

Many player systems offered on the market today are installed by piano delivery companies in a quick template, assembly line installation. With very little quality control and no individual attention to your piano, these installations tend to be sloppy and function poorly.

Every player system that Meridian Music sells is personally installed here in Indianapolis by our Steinway Rebuilder. Your piano is individually evaluated and carefully adjusted to assure perfect compatibility with the player system. This care can easily double the usable life of your player system and is the only way to make sure it your piano isn’t negatively affected by the installation.

Meridian Music offers installation for your newly purchased piano or used piano for the greater Indianapolis, Carmel and central Indiana area.

Craig Gigax at Meridian Music (like his late father, Dick before him) is super-knowledgeable and accommodating. I couldn’t think of dealing elsewhere.”

Dr. John Egan
Chair of Music Department
Saint Joseph College

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