Meridian Music offers piano tuning for home, churches, schools, institutions and businesses in the greater Indianapolis, Carmel and central Indiana area.

Tuning a piano involves taking a wrench (called a tuning hammer) and very precisely adjusting the tension on the 200-250 strings in the piano. Even though pianos only have 88 notes, most of those notes have 3 strings that must all be tuned exactly the same. Even the slightest movement of the tuning pin can change the pitch of the string quite a bit. Skilled piano tuners can easily hear up to 100 steps between two adjacent notes and learning exactly where to set the tension of the string is an art form that takes years to develop.

Craig Gigax at Meridian Music (like his late father, Dick before him) is super-knowledgeable and accommodating. I couldn’t think of dealing elsewhere.”

Dr. John Egan
Chair of Music Department
Saint Joseph College

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